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What Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan Can Learn From Cassandra Kubinski 

She's only 24 and barely 5 feet tall, but being young and diminutive is not stopping Cassandra Kubinski from exploding onto the New York music scene in the face of the daunting challenges all aspiring musicians must overcome.  She hopes to inspire others to pursue their passions and fulfill their dreams with the release of her smashing new CD, Hold The Sun.  The CD contains 14 songs penned and performed by Kubinski (who handles piano and lead vocal duties), reflecting wide musical influences from songwriters like Billy Joel and Fiona Apple to vocalist Natalie Maines.

Cassandra recently appeared on "Alive with Clive -- Turning Your Passion Into Profit!" Clive Swersky's popular TV show with a mission to inspire viewers to achieve maximum fulfillment in life by doing what they love to do.  During her interview, Cassandra performed two songs from Hold the Sun, "Cradle the Moon" and "Echoes."  She also discussed her support for LifeBeat (www.lifebeat.org) a charitable organization dedicated -- with assistance from musicians -- to preventing, and to providing support to people suffering from, AIDS.   Kubinski will perform live at a benefit for LifeBeat at The Bitter End in Manhattan (147 Bleecker Street) at 8 p.m. on September 19, 2007.

"If Paris Hilton wants to turn over a new leaf and do good in the world now that she has been released from jail," notes Clive, "she can learn a lot from Cassandra.  And the same goes for Lindsay Lohan too."  He adds:  "I believe in my heart that Cassandra is blessed with a wonderful combination of talent, goodness and an indomitable spirit that is destined to catapult her into becoming one of the most inspiring performers in the world."

Cassandra's interview on "Alive With Clive - Turning Your Passion Into Profit," can be seen on Channel 76 in White Plains on Monday, September 10, at 8.30 p.m. and on Wednesday, September 12, at 7.00 p.m.  For more information about Cassandra, go to www.ckubinski.com and www.myspace.com/cassandrakubinski.  For more information about Clive, go to www.multiplyyourmagnificence.com.  To contact Clive for an interview, call (914) 274-8280 or send an email to high5clive@hotmail.com.

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